A Coming Age of Dark

Session 11: Feel The Burn

I was fucked by a demon yesterday.

As the tomb ship blinked out of existence on our plane, the human known as Lance appeared on the ground where the portals had just been. The others pestered him about where he had been, but I could tell he had seen dark things he did not want to speak of. Soon after, the wizard, the blood thirsty gnome, and the human child reappeared out of a portal. or most of them did. The three were covered in gore and blood and the young one seemed to be shorted than I last saw him. Or it could have been the missing limbs.

We moved towards a nearby town, I had never been there but apparently the others had. As we approached we saw that the gates were closed and a demon like a giant mosquito stood outside the gates. The one with the paper wings shouted up to the guards to open the gate for us, but they refused to open them while the demon was outside. With no other choice we engaged the demon in combat.

He was a savage, flying beast with a sharp, proboscis. He attacked Lance and violated him with his giant, face penis. Many of our party were injured, but we defeated the demon scum and were allowed into the town. We were greeted by a handsome (by human standards) man who appeared to be the leader of the town. He told us of the problems that their town was having with the influx of refugees from the surrounding area. The refugees themselves were not the problem, but a group of human supremacists who called themselves “the Trumpets of the Revolution”. They had been attacking and killing non humans and burning down their homes and businesses.

The human leader pointed us towards the elvish encampment, where he thought we could find some information about the “Trumps” as they called themselves. The encampment was made up of all wood elves, though it did not surprise me. Few of my kind stray into the green spaces. We prefer the Northern mountains and tundras. A few young elves, full of bluster and drink began to shout racist slurs at me. It seems the Trumps are not the only bigots in this place. They tried to provoke me, but after years of training, I know better than to respond to empty threats and anger. Their taunts did nothing but make me numb to their plight.

These “tough” elf warriors reluctantly told us of their defeat in a fight against the Trumps. They could tell us little about their numbers or their location, but they did inform us of a gnome who’s shop had been burned down by the Trumps who might be able to point us in their direction.

The gnome’s name was Peter. An inventor of sorts, who’s home and business has been destroyed by the Trumps. We found him sifting through the burned rubble of his shop. He was depressed by his loss and wanted no part of our work, until one of the fools I’m traveling with offered to get the money to rebuild Peter’s business for him. The gnome directed us to a set of local caves where the Trumps had apparently set up camp.

We sneaked into the caves before promptly meeting a set of guards. They stood between us and the only bridge across what seemed to be a moat. I attempted to jump clear across the narrow moat, but I was stuck by a giant tentacle. I made it all the way across, but not entirely unharmed. Our group had trouble fighting in the tight quarters of the cave entrance. Sometime more fighters is not an advantage.

Eventually we defeated the guards and heaved their bodies into the moat. I peaked my head over the side, hoping to get a look at whatever monster lay within. I was promptly grabbed around the neck and thrashed within an inch of my life by the giant tentacled beast. It tossed me aside and sunk back into the depths of the water.

We explored deeper into the cave and came across what seemed to be cells. There was a room housing two adults, and another room full of dirty, malnourished children. In a rage Ikos stormed into the barracks full of sleeping Trumpets and torched the entire room with magical fire. Action made out of anger, but very effective actions none the less.

We sent the prisoners out of the cave to safety with Fuck Jack the Panther. We decided to rest and lick our wounds before entering the larger chamber of the cave, where we knew something darker waited for us.



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