A Coming Age of Dark

Sweet baby dragonbreath, my dear lord Bahamut, I thank you for your guidance in my most holy quest. I had my doubts about the band of heathens I travel with, but I should never have doubted. What they lack in beauty, what with their gross, slimy, delicate, blemished skin, they make up for in bravery and ferocity. You have truly placed me in the necessary camp to complete my quest. And you bestowed unto me two of the greatest gifts I have ever received; my Sunlight Spear and my steed! I feel as though I am becoming the Paladin I always knew I could be. I feel the power of a hundred dragons within this spear, and I promise you, dear lord Bahamut, that I will wield it in your name. And now, my mount. The sweetest, little, cutest baby boo boo kitty pants I ever did see! So ferocious, so dangerous, so… soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur, happy kitty , sleepy kitty, purr purr purr. Our bond is strong, our minds connected. I no longer feel so alone, as I now have a telepathic connection with this fine beast. And she speaks Draconic! What a smart kittypants.
Anyway.. It has become clear to me what it is my elders wanted me to accomplish. I share the quest now with this band of misfits. We all have different reasons for taking on this quest, but our end goal is shared. We are finally in possession of the phylactery needed to capture demon souls. The vampire, Lord Vikernes cleansed it and it is ready for a fresh helping of demon juice. With great clarity we began to plan our attack against all the great demons who plague this land. We were on our way to hunt down the first of the demon lords, when a portal emerged. I will never get used to that sound. Nothing good ever follows the crinkle crinkles. It was our old companion, Delg, who emerged from the portal. He did not look great, and he warned us not to trust the Mages. After today’s events, I now realize he was most likely not Delg, but some twisted, possessed version of the dwarf we once knew. Bye Delg. I pray for your soul.
Before teleporting (oh, that’s right, the half-elf Ryll can teleport us now) to find the first demon lord, we stopped by the spellsword camp. It was a good thing we did. Commander Stolas was in great need of our assistance. Over half her men had been sent to fight off an attacking tombship in Rachdale. Reports cited the tombship came from a portal near the village Sen’s Rest. Stolas desperately needed all her men. We offered to take their place in Rachdale. There isn’t an elf, gnome, human or dragonborn in our party who would say no to killing demon scum. The demon lords can wait, we will get to them. In the meantime, I kill the damned to serve you, oh mighty Bahamut.
We used Ryll’s daily teleport to take us to Rachdale. I had never seen a Tombship before, and I never want to see one again. Demons were pouring out of the ship and decimating the land below. We defeated a demon wielding a whip and another made of bones. Kittypants was seriously injured. It pains me to see my best friend injured, but I am comforted to know she will always be with me, no matter how grievous her wounds.
Soon after defeating those demons, we met Evil Rook. Err… Eviler Rook. He came down from the Tombship (already a clear sign he can not be trusted), and palavered with his twin. I did not like seeing double Rooks. I think one is enough, perhaps even too much? We do not need more evil in this world. At least the evil little man is on our side of the battle. But the same can not be said of his doppelganger, who convinced our Rook to join him inside the damned tombship. I cannot speak for Rook’s intentions in following his twin, but at least it granted us access to the ship. Ikos Misty Stepped onto the ship and dropped a rope down for us. I dismissed Kittypants, but she will be back with me again.
Onboard, Evil Rook tried to convince us to take down the mages. It is shameful how much time we spent listening to his lies. He said the mages were the evil ones, creating this grand construct that we live in, masking reality. I would rather live in a construct, fighting demons, then live in reality among them. Once his allegiance became undeniable, we decided to attack this little shadow of a man. The Sunlight Spear served me well in this battle. It may have blinded a few of my comrades, but its radiant light banished our foe in a great show of power. Praise be.
Rook bravely took command of the ship by mentally connecting himself to its controls. He was able to land it, but then we were faced with the question of what to do with all the demons on board. Not to mention the ship itself. We cannot risk such a powerful asset landing in the hands of the demons again. In answer to our question, Ikos decided to cast a fire bolt on the “brain” of tombship. After the rest of us, minus Rook, evacuated and retreated to a safe distance, the brave fool cast his spell. VLORP …. and they were gone.

Praise be,




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