A Coming Age of Dark

Session 6

Turning Yellow

There I was working out the last kinks of my sleep spell; watching Lance talk to himself in his sleep. That’s when I heard the sound, a sound I’ve heard far too many times. A sound that pulled me back to childhood. An abyssal portal opened over Rook’s sleeping body and pulled him through before he knew what was happening. It all happened so fast, there was nothing any of us still awake could do. We did our best to track down an animal for sacrifice, a key component in the ritual to reopen such a portal, but without Rook’s hunting abilities even that simple task was too much for us. All the animals fled the area, terrified by the horrible sound of the portal opening. Delg did his best to complete the ritual, but I knew none of us had what it takes to open up a portal of that magnitude. Reluctantly we moved on, hoping to find another way to pull Rook from the abyss.

While making our way south, we came across the band of slavers we had heard tell of the day before. They had blockaded the bridge we needed to cross to continue our journey. Upon seeing them, we realized there was going to be no diplomatic resolution of the situation, especially with Kava’s well documented zeal to bring evil to justice. We made quick work of the enemy, with the exception of their chief, who had a penchant for rude hand gestures. Also remaining, was their magicker, whom we were hoping would shed some light on the abyssal portals appearing around the area. After the chief was finally cast into the raging river below, we turned our attention to the magicker. He received a grizzly wound to his manhood, courtesy of Kava’s javelin. In exchange for a gentle “lay on hands” to repair his dick we found out that his band of slavers was in possession of a boat in the nearby town of Dunwich. Despite some of the group’s reluctance, he tagged along with us as a new disciple of Kava’s weird ass dragon religion. We made hast for Dunwich, as a ship could come into great use on our journey south.

After arriving in Dunwich, we made our way to the port to inspect the ship. On our way their, we came across a group of sun worshiping Paladins. They told us of a new splinter religion that had taken over the town, pushing them out. We agreed to help investigate this new religion that had turned the town upside down. Upon arriving at the docks, we spoke with a peg legged man in charge of the ships. He was a zealous member of this new religion, and invited us to attend a service at the temple. We left our captured slaver and that little shit Jimmy on the boat and made our way into town.

We were told that once the temple was of white marble, but had turned a bright yellow through some sorcery. As to not raise suspicion within the congregation, I cast invisibility upon myself to keep an eye on our ragtag party. The service was run by a charismatic preacher named Father Chambers. Other than the odd insistence on all things dandelion, he did not seem any more dangerous than any other local demagogue.

After the service, away from the prying eyes of the congregation, we did a little investigating around the temple. When Delg made the Sigil of Sacrifice, a tunnel appeared. We followed it into the underbelly of the temple. The chamber we discovered seemed to defy the laws of physics. Staircases littered the walls and ceilings. As we traversed the area we lost sight of what was up and what was down. We came upon a bridge and while crossing we noticed another group of travelers in the distance, crossing a bridge similar to our own. As we continued deeper into the cavernous space, we came upon a most horrific looking creature playing a dissonant sort of music. We attempted to communicate, but could not reach an understanding. We began to suspect this creature was the cause of the town’s obsession with yellow. When Delg showed the creature a sigil, the creature lost its mind and began to attack us. Thankfully, my companions were able to defeat it before I was suffocated to death. Upon the creature’s death, several statues and paintings on its likeness fell to dust.

We were eager to reach the surface to see if perhaps the town had regained some normalcy, but as we made our way across a set of twin bridges, we were attacked by two terrifying creatures. It made me reveal my most shameful, darkest secret from childhood. We were just able to defeat the creatures and remain standing on the bridge, when an army of the same creatures appeared behind us, blocking our way back. So we ran, with the bridge collapsing beneath us. For now we rest, still remaining in this forsaken labyrinth.




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