A Coming Age of Dark

Session 8

Durga sure gets around.

So we lost Delg.

Heard that ’portal’s opening’ noise coming from below decks. Got down in time to see old Fancypants getting sucked in. The kinder parts of our little cadre tried to hang on to his legs; wound up cutting the stonesucker in half when the gate shut. Pants got less fancy. It was kind of funny.

Besides, if he was headed where I wound up going, the less of him headed there, the better. Jerry went running off, of course. Terrible reactions. Found him next to some other human. Like rats. Keep finding them everywhere.

Least we didn’t keep this one for long. Brain spiders came back. Tried to take Ryll. Wasn’t happy about that. Came downstairs, watched one of them turn New Human into a squidhead. Made some holes. Died the same.

Old Human got us to the borders of Shadowvale. Some kind of keep filled with some kind of Spellswords. Horns turned me invisible, had me scout the place out. Seemed spooked, jittery. Got the lay of the place, came back to the party. That what we are now, a party? Huh.

We rolled in right and proper. Like usual, the brands got us attention… and passage. Met with Stolas, another hornhead. Ikos got a little happy at that. Turns out there was a murder on the grounds not too long ago. Sounded fishy. She asked if we could look into it. May as well.

We all had our jobs. Strings put on a show. May be a human, but he’s got his uses. Ryll and Teeth went to interview the survivor. Horns stayed to chat up the Commander. I went to look at the killer’s bunk. Suits me. Don’t have to talk.

Didn’t like what I found. Demon stuff. Carcosa stuff. Put all the pieces together, and it all pointed in the same direction. Figured it was time to talk to the murderer.

These other guys, they wear the brand. They don’t know what it means. Not like I do. They heard about Carcosa from that yellow bastard. They don’t know what it’s like. Not like I do. Not like half of Delg does. I saw this killer, he knew.

We talked. Talked Carcosa. Talked Durga. Showed me another angle. Shined another light.

I get it now. Kill, get stronger. Simple. I get it. What’s coming is strong. We want to stop it, we need to get stronger. We need to kill.

I like it. Simple.

Left the human where he was. His part’s done. We’re all playing the game now. Time we keep playing. Make some holes.



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