Lance Jawn

Ho, ha! What a fool Honesty is!


Lance Jawn grew up in an ordinary town, with an ordinary family, and lived an ordinary life. Between the ages of 9-14, he read every book written in the common tongue and in the Giant tongue. In other words, he was a perfectly normal bilingual child in a family with a large library. At age 11, Lance translated Milliwi Rapesheake’s ‘Thamle’ into Giant for fun. His life changed when his parents mysteriously disappeared one night during a violent tempest, a tempest that seemed to scream, which confused young Lance, but his deep anguish replaced his deep confusion when he realized his parents were gone. Left alone, Lance lived in an orphanage with other kids who insulted his family, his missing parents, and his gift to perform, read, and learn. He swindled his first love’s, a pretty lass named Garh, brother of valuable items in retaliation for a past insult. Garh’s brother teased that demons took his family and that the Jawns had no good dirty demon blood in them. Garh never forgave Lance for the swindle. Lance, feeling out of place at the orphanage, began frequenting nearby taverns, performing little folk songs for money, reciting the most transcendent passages from Milliwi’s late romance, from which he borrowed the likeness and personality of its swindler, the inimitable Autolycus, and swindling and conning the drunkest and cruelest men in the tavern.

As he aged, he searched for his parents and continued frequenting taverns and brothels. He noticed abused orphaned children scattered about town. He rescued young girls from those seedy brothels and did his best to ruin the men who bought one for his own use. He established a center for orphaned children where they could come and learn the essential disciplines, play organized sports, and perform in skits, sketches, and plays. Lance, always hopeful to find his parents, joined a traveling theater company. The theater company traversed the country. Lance searched each town for clues about his missing parents. He learned some magic, and he sharpened his ability to be anyone, anywhere, adopting holy symbols or whatever insignia he needed for his purpose. His ruthless conning and swindling in the pursuit of finding someone accountable for his missing parents changed him. His idyllic childhood seemed a dream. He conned and swindled anyone he could, including his now-companion Ryll. He joined this current adventure because he believes he’ll find the truth about his parents.

Lance Jawn

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