By any means necessary.


Marihima was a sorceress of a long lost age. With her comrades, she fought through armies of demons to venture to an Abyssal portal that was corrupting the region. The battle to the portal lasted forty days and forty nights. When she and her fellow adventurers finally reached the portal, however, they became locked in a fierce draw with the demons that protected it.

At a loss of what to do, Marihima and her companions—save Sen of Six Swords, whose principles would never allow him to make a deal with demons—decided to make a bargain with the demon in charge of the portal. To keep the portal closed, they would have to make an unwilling sacrifice. The more virtuous the sacrifice, the longer the Abyssal portal would remain closed.

It was with deep sorrow then that she and her fellow adventurers struck their friend Sen down and used his blood to close the portal. Though Sen of Six Swords belonged to the Abyss now, remnants of his soul remained on the mortal plane, where they manifested as a spirit of vengeance. Marihima, in what she perceived as an act of love, used powerful magic to bind Sen’s angry spirit to his armor and six legendary swords, so that he could act as guardian to the Abyssal portal his blood had closed.

At some point later in her adventuring career, Marihima began a secret society of magickers called the Moonlight Cabal that still exists to this day.


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