Sen of Six Swords

A forgotten hero of a lost age.


Sen of Six Swords is a forgotten hero of a lost age. One of the adventuring companions of Marihima the Sorceress, their adventuring party battled for forty days and forty nights to reach the Abyssal portal that was corrupting the region. After the battle at the portal came to a bloody standstill, the adventurers—sans Sen, who refused to deal with demons—made a deal with the Abyssal forces beyond the portal. An unwilling sacrifice would keep the portal closed. The more virtuous the sacrifice, the longer the portal would stay closed.

Due to his strict adherence to his principles, the saintly Sen of Six Swords was cut down by his comrades, and his virtuous soul was given unto the portal to close it. Still, even after his death, fragments of his vengeful anger remained. Through great acts of sorcery, Marihima binded Sen’s spirit of vengeance to his armor and six swords so that he may protect the portal for all of eternity against those who might exploit the Abyssal portal’s tremendous power.

Unfortunately, after thousand of years spent bound within his armor and fabled weapons (of which only three remain, thanks to a few lucky thieves), Sen of Six Swords—or what remained of him, anyway—became insane and attacked adventurers on sight, regardless of their intent with the portal.

Sen of Six Swords

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