Grip the universe. Reshape it. Disregard the screams.


One of Rook’s companions during his brief trip to vile Carcosa. Tatiana was rescued by Rook and Yvette from being flayed by vicious vulture men and traveled with them to Carcosa’s central tower, where immense magical power was being generated, with which she believed the three adventurers could open portals back to their respective homes.

Unfortunately, Tatiana revealed herself to be a traitor, killing Yvette and removing her face, and planned to do the same with Rook in order to perform a foul Carcosan ritual.

Rook, however, was able to best Tatiana in battle. With a fatal strike with his bone spear, Tatiana was magically flayed by the spear’s dark power, and the treacherous wizard was defeated.


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