Yvette Heavystep

This place is giving me the creeps....


One of Rook’s companions during his brief trip to vile Carcosa. Yvette was a Halfling fighter and brand-bearer who appeared with Rook in the forests to the south of the vile city Carcosa. She escaped with him to the city, where they hoped to find a way back to their respective homes. There, they met an Elf Wizard, Tatiana, who claimed to know a possible way out of the city.

After traveling with Tatiana to the central tower, where they believed they could open portals to their respective homes, Yvette was unfortunately betrayed by the Elf Wizard. While Tatiana cast Rook into magical darkness, she slew Yvette and cut off her face in order to perform a dark Carcosan ritual. Rook then avenged Yvette and took the traitor’s life.

Yvette Heavystep

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