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The major dominions of Loraic

The Upper Kingdom, in actuality an alliance of several territories led by High King Estevere. Currently at war with Everwinter.

The Lower Kingdom, ruled by the newly-crowned but fearsome Queen Eriah.

Everwinter, recently declared independence from the Upper Kingdom. Home to the Snow Elves.

Giants’ Solace, the treacherous land where the Giant King and his people were banished after their defeat by King Allant nine-hundred years ago.

Other notable regions

Ashlands, home to the Ashen Dwarves, who forge adamantine from the bones of the long-dead dragons.

The Burning Sea, a vast stretch of scorching desert. Gargantuan beasts are said to walk the desert in search of mortal prey. Murderers are sentenced to die here.

Dragons’ Sleep, supposedly the place where the dragons were driven to their end.

Erethor’s Regret, a new territory being staked out by the Upper Kingdom for expansion. The Giants are afraid of this place.

Gold Coast, a small, independent territory ruled by a confederacy of city-states.

The Land of Drakes, where drakes and other remnants of the draconic races live on. Home to the Dragonborn.

The Marshes of Madness, putrid swamplands. It is said that the forbidden art of necromancy was first created here.

Pirates’ Landing, where all is permitted, granted you pay respects to the King of Pirates.

Shadowvale, a scarred and unholy land where ancient vampires and powerful liches vie for power from their wicked demesnes.

Valley of the Stormlords, ruled by a tribe of storm-worshipping sorcerers. Vicious storms rip through the valley, making it difficult to inhabit by anyone else.

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