The Upper Kingdom

The Upper Kingdom is in actuality a tight alliance of bordering territories that is led by High King Estevere, who proclaims direct lineage from the kings and queens of the Old Kingdom of Loraic. The Upper Kingdom is currently at war with Everwinter after their declaration of independence.

The Upper Kingdom is for the most part temperate and varied in its geography. Within the Upper Kingdom alone one can find rolling hills, vast plains, high mountains, and deep forests.

The territories that form the Upper Kingdom include….

  • The New Kingdom of Loraic, which deems itself the continuation of the once-unified Kingdom of Loraic. Ruled by High King Estevere, who is in turn considered the highest authority of the Upper Kingdom. The law of the New Kingdom of Loraic must be upheld by all territories and powers who belong to the Upper Kingdom, and, when speaking generally of the Upper Kingdom, most are referring to High King Estevere and his rule.
  • The Mountain Kingdom, a Dwarven kingdom currently ruled by King Baern. Provinces under firm control of the Mountain Kingdom include Scree Cliff, Tumble Hill, Bastion Hills, and the Sworn Nether Provinces. An uncomfortable relationship exists between the Ashen Dwarves of the Ashlands and the Dwarves of the Mountain Kingdom.
  • The Duchy of Pygmy, a Halfling dukedom led by Earl Swiftfoot, Duke of Pygmy. Though small in land, power, and stature, the Duchy of Pygmy is considered of high importance to the Upper Kingdom due to the trade value of their hobbit leaf.
  • The Olsivi Dominion, a High Elf rulership comprised of three Great Houses who constantly scheme against each other for majority rule in the Olsivi Tribunal.

To the south of the Upper Kingdom are the Marshes of Madness, which separate it from the Lower Kingdom. The Salt Sea sits between the Upper Kingdom and Giants’ Solace, though the Upper Kingdom claims the sea as fishing territory.

The Upper Kingdom

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