A Coming Age of Dark

Session 11a.

Well, that was fun.

Should have known trying to blow up a tombship would send us back to the Abyss. Everything seems to send me back to the Abyss.

Me and Ikos vlorped out of the ship. Yellow sky, black trees, lots of moans of agony. Kind of wish it weren’t familiar. DIdn’t take long for one of those hunters to find us. Didn’t take long for us to kill it, either.

But they never travel alone, huh. Pack of them, led by some kind of honcho – let’s call him the Predator – showed up behind us. Horns is pretty handy, coming up with that vultureman sound. Gave us a window to make a break for it. We made it to a river, ran ourselves across quick and easy. Mageface followed it up with a Grease spell on the log. Pretty funny.

Found a little settlement of refugees. Friendly faces are rare as stars around here. Nice bunch, Honor, Wexler, some crazy old broad. We asked if we could pitch in. Only fair in a world where we’re just waiting to get dead. They sent us on the hunt for some fish monsters.

Didn’t take us long to find some of the little buggers – Ikos made quick work of them with a fireball. Tasted like fish. Made me feel a little spinny. We took their heads for a scare tactic and kept on keeping on.

The scout, Jan-something, got us to a fucked up little temple. Jerry, the little bugger, showed up just in time for us to feed him some fish head and send him screaming in ahead. He’s useful when he’s taking the lead. We strolled in, and everything’s a little fuzzy from there. Lots of fire and death. Lots of stabbing. A demon asking us to avenge his bloodline or something. I don’t really care. Everything dies when you stab it enough times.

Turns out Sanctuary was grateful for killing off that demon. Threw us a nice party until the hunters showed back up. We managed to escape through a tunnel under Crazy Broad’s bed, but not many of us. Ran into the Predator on the way out. Killed the fuck out of him.

Seemed like a lot of running from then. Found ourselves another temple, one crawling with that ritual magic I remember from the last time I got stuck here. Asked for a sacrifice. We paid it. We got home.

Lost that tombship. Damn. Would have been nice to hold on to that.



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