A Coming Age of Dark

Session 13.

The End. The Beginning.

Five years. That crazy stunt sent us forward five years.

Something was wrong. Everything was wrong. The moon. It sat in the sky like an eye, staring at us. Watching us as we scrabbled around, looking for answers. Ryll took us to the Swamps first. Guy Ed hanging there like meat in a window, suspended in a red light. Left a note for Horns on what used to be our ship.

The demons. All there were now were demons. Rockdale was next. It was Ferenzio that met us there, told us what happened. Told us how he suspended as many as he could, kept their souls from being swallowed into the Abyss. Nice of him. Seemed to have cost him a few years.

Pretty lady on a dragon’s skeleton came flying in to fill in the rest of the gaps. Said she was the Fallen Guardian. Said the boneship she rode was Bahamut. Praise be, huh? Told us the moon was an egg. Told us the darkness was coming. Thought I’d feel snide. Thought I’d feel cold, like I always did since then. But I didn’t. I felt mad. I felt hot. Wanted it to end. Wanted it all to end.

She took us up. Dropped us off on the moon with the mage and a shadowcloak. Wished us luck as she flew off to fight off the Souleaters. A good death.

We went in. And we met them. One by one, we met them. The hanging Demon Lords, and with them, our pasts. Ikos’ parents. Ross’ wife. Kava’s Elder. Ryll’s dad. Lance’s folks. My family. My family.

They all asked the same thing. Was it worth it?

It was the heart of the egg we were searching for. Mysterious stranger was the one who stepped up. Asked us all if it was worth it, everything we did. There was no other answer.

Jerry took off his cloak. Made the shadow real. Paid the price to bring Astaroth into our waiting hands. And we beat him. We beat that demon god like a rented mule. We beat him with our weapons, our spells, our hands and our hearts. We beat him because there was nothing left for us here.

And he died. And it ended. It all ended.

At long last. It ended.



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